• Creativity is pioneering

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  • Create wonder in everyday life

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  • Practice what you preach

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  • Awesomeness is the new media budget

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  • Care about what people care about

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  • Never limit your imagination

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  • Embrace the power of story

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  • Look around and tell about life

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The first ride home

It’s all about those first precious moments


What is your excuse to use your phone while driving?

Almost everybody, a staggering 89% of the people, uses their phone while driving. A true recipe for disaster showed by a confronting experiment.

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Go Places

Are you whit and fit enough to go places for the Heineken Company? This interactive job interview analyzes your personality in 12 questions.

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TedX: Ideas Worth Spreading

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To uncover the world is to discover yourself

How travelling makes us rediscover something that was lost.


Claudio de Oliveira Marques

FILM DIRECTOR ||| Claudio de Oliveira Marques is a talented documentary director that specializes on the more societal and edgy topics.


How a small question gained maximum impact.


Outsmarting bike thieves

Ending bike theft with innovation and creativity. Starting with discouraging buyers in The Bike Trap.


Introducing Google Tulip

Listen to nature and discover the amazing things it has to say.


Rocco Stallvord

MEDIA DIRECTOR ||| Rocco Stallvord is independent media director at Wefilm. He specialises in smart media strategy that balances earned, owned and paid media with the aim to get everybody talking about the campaign.

Why wait to say something beautiful

The beautiful effect of speaking to your loved ones


Not Just Football

The EK is not just football, it’s so much more!

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