• Winner ADCN Grand Prix 2020

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  • Create wonder in everyday life

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  • Practice what you preach

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  • Awesomeness is the new media budget

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  • Care about what people care about

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  • Never limit your imagination

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  • Embrace the power of story

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  • Look around and tell about life

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What's normal nowadays?

Together with Buutvrij we wanted to show you that Ikea supports you with smart and elegant solutions even with this world's "New Normal".


Our heart for healthcare heroes

Supporting our healthcare professionals by staying inside with a message they all see outside: #myhearthforhealthcare


Filling the void of the EURO’s

Feeding the crave for football with the one and only EURO Foodball Quiz


TedX: Ideas Worth Spreading

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The color of love

Love colors everything, the city you live in, the streets you walk, the people you meet.

Cloud 9 Recordings B.V.

Together we are at our best

With KPN we made a musical tribute to show you that nothing can keep us apart


Rocco Stallvord

MEDIA DIRECTOR ||| Rocco is an independent media director at Wefilm. He specialises in smart media strategy that balances earned, owned and paid media with the aim to get everybody talking about the campaign.

A tribute to football shirts

Celebrating 130 years of amateur football in all its color and design. The largest collection of football shirts in the world.


Dear adults, this is the future speaking

An emotional speech from our future generation. Let’s follow their lead to become more one with nature again.


Keep your distance but stay in touch

It's hard to stay close to your loved ones when the entire country is in lockdown, and when social distancing is the rule of the day.


Dennis Lubbers

FILM DIRECTOR / CINEMATOGRAPHER ||| At Wefilm Dennis integrates his artistic approach to tell a brand's story from a human perspective. Because he strongly believes people listen most to humans.

To uncover the world is to discover yourself

How travelling makes us rediscover something that was lost.