Zara Dwinger (1990) is a director who loves to make visually playful films; varying from heartwarming stories to more quirky concepts.

After studying Cultural Anthropology and working for online magazine hard//hoofd, Zara Dwinger graduated from the Dutch Filmacademy as a director in 2017. Her critically acclaimed graduation film Sirene, a coming-of-age film about confusion and identity, won several prizes and was selected for festivals among which the prestigious Clermont-Ferrand International Short Film Festival. A commercial about cyberbullying she made as a graduation project got nominated for the Porsche International Student Advertising Film Award. At the moment she is working on a short fiction film which got selected for NTR Kort.

Growing up: One fall at a time

A little girl growing up is seen stumbling and falling in her parent’s home videos. There’s always a parent there to keep her safe, but will she be safe alone on the road?


The perks of being in control

At hollandsnieuwe you call the shots… even in everyday life.



The journey of two lost souls who find each other in an impossible place.

Filmacadamy and NTR

Bringing home some Efteling magic

Going there is amazing. Coming home can be tough. When a family falls back into it’s daily routine after a magical day at the Winter Efteling, a little girl sets out to bring back the feeling they had while visiting the theme park.

Efteling 1,061,757

Phones and their funny owners

Three films to celebrate the diversity of new phones and their cheerful owners


A data-driven birthday present

How a smart little boy surprises his classmates with the power of data. Feelgood with a very personalized touch.



An award winning short film about becoming who you (already) are.


The most powerful weapon

Here’s a riddle: It’s invisible, can do great things but also has the power to destroy people.


Pearls music video

A quirky music video for a feel good song.