Joeri Holsheimer (1976) is a director at Wefilm. He studied cinematography at the Dutch film academy and started directing commercials and short films right after his graduation. He won the Grand Prix Loerie for his Snickers Don’t Stop commercial in 2007 and directed his first tv-drama in 2011. 

Joeri has extensive international experience, and made films for Snickers, Vodafone and Sony. Last year only, Joeri shot for Dubai, Germany, Bucharest and Paris. Joeri is a visual style director. He likes to make the fantastic credible and the unbelievable realistic. He joined Wefilm in 2012, after working for 10 years for Czar Amsterdam. His first two films at Wefilm both got over 5 million YouTube views within 2 weeks.

Did you ever taste a painting?

Philips and the Rijksmuseum use magic to inspire a healthy lifestyle.

Philips 2

The challenge of helping nana move

A friend helps you move, a true friend helps your nana move.

Bud Light

What is your excuse to use your phone while driving?

Almost everybody, a staggering 89% of the people, uses their phone while driving. A true recipe for disaster showed by a confronting experiment.

Interpolis 3,645,699

The Messi of Arabia

Instead of making just another car commercial, Audi decided to do it a little differently and make a change for the better at the same time.

Audi 2,742,265

Legends aren't born, they're dropped

Heineken gave six men the opportunity to become legendary as they were taken out of their ordinary lives and dropped into the great wide open. A real-life travel show with a twist.

Heineken 40,356,006

Be a burglar for a day

To create awareness about home safety, Interpolis challenges two neighbors to break into each other’s house.

Interpolis 219,517

The stress test

To introduce their new deodorant, Nivea created the circumstances that would make anyone sweat. Innocent bystanders were made to believe the whole country was on the hunt for them.

Nivea 3

Power to the loved ones

Free data during the Christmas days allows you to be with your loved ones wherever you are. This is Vodafone's merry little Christmas story.

Vodafone 564,232

Everything is illuminated

In order to create awareness about energy wastage NUON set out on an overwhelming logistic operation to visualise the amount of energy wasted in the Netherlands every single day.