Beer ten Kate (1986) is director and writer who graduated in 2009 from the Utrecht School of Arts with a bachelors degree in audiovisual media. He spent several years working as an assistent director while developing his own unique style of comedy. This came to fruition in 2015 when he co-created and directed TOON, a critically acclaimed comedy drama for KPN Presenteert: Its first exclusive fiction series. TOON ran for two seasons and was nominated for the prestigious Golden Nymph for Best International Comedy at the Monte Carlo Television Festival. 

His debut commercial with Wefilm for Stivoro won Silver at the ADCN Awards. His focus is mainly on comedy projects, defined by hyperrealistic acting and a surreal edge. He loves to use humor to take viewers to an uncomfortable place and hopefully discover something new and true there.

The tobacco industry’s unknown ugly truth

We know how unhealthy smoking is, but not how we are misled by the tobacco industry. So what happens when everyone at a tobacco company gathers around Friday drinks and tells the truth?

Stivoro 1


A new kind of comedy drama, developed exclusively for KPN Presenteert. Two seasons of unadulterated awkwardness.

KPN Presenteert

Barry vs. The World

"We are against everything." Excuse me? "Yes against everything."