The perks of being in control

For hollandsnieuwe, with XXS

Zooming in on the hollandsnieuwe way of life… without the phones!

hollandsnieuwe is different from other telecommunication companies in the way that they don’t sell themselves in a loud and flashy way, but by being a little more laid back. For this brand campaign the challenge was to keep the down to earth, sympathetic vibe from before, but amp it up a bit.

That’s why the campaign really focuses on the people behind the phone, but in a little bit of a larger than life setting. By choosing one unique hero for each different film, we really wanted to accentuate the individualism that suits the brand so well. In a quirky but nonchalant vibe they show us the way they handle themselves in everyday life: they know everything beforehand, they always call the shots, and by always being a boss. That way we highlighted the perks of a hollandsnieuwe phoneplan by celebrating their eccentric personalities instead of the plan itself. We’re all a bit eccentric after all.