The flying doctor

For Zilveren Kruis, with Greenberry

The unpretentious story of the Olympics

Bobsleigh in the Netherlands isn’t particularly big. The sacrifices Kamphuis and her teammates have to make to be able to bob along at the top are enormous. Most of the year they are away from home, sleeping in cheap hotels and more often than not, sharing a bed to save some money. They spend all their savings on the sleigh and have no time left for their social life.

The interactive campaign allowed people to put together a bobsled team and win a trip to the Olympics in Sotchi. Zilveren Kruis thought it important to show the enormous passion and drive of Kamphuis and her teammates. To do this we visited her in Winterberg, where she was preparing for a qualifying game for the 2014 Sotchi Olympics. But we also met Esmé at the Lucas Hospital in Amsterdam where she put her career as a gynaecologist on hold in order to focus on her bobsleigh career. By alternating between images of her work in the hospital, images of the small unpretentious running track she uses for practicing and images of the cheap hotels she stays in, we get a good glimpse of her drive.

She qualified for the Olympics in Winterberg, took hold of the fourth place in Sotchi (a fantastic result) and has since stopped sleighing to fully focus on her job as a gynaecologist. And undoubtedly, she will do that with the same amount of passion and enthusiasm.