A short film

When being you just doesn’t feel right

Sirene is a delicate but bold film about the experiences of teenager Kay, made in the graduation year of Filmacademy. The film centers not necessarily around the outcome of the struggle he has with his identity, but rather focuses on the more complex internal storm.

The film tells the story of the 15 year old Kay, who lives a boy's life between roaring motorcross bikes. Though deep inside of him something has been nagging. When the charming Melody sails into his live, their flourishing friendship lures him towards this dormant feeling. And Kay get's even more entangled up in his own confusion...

Sirene starts out as a dreamy boy-meets-girl story, but soon takes you on a touching journey of self-exploration, friendship and confusion.

Selected for: among others Clermont-Ferrand International Short Film Festival and the Nederlands Filmfestival. (Full list: Clermont-Ferrand International Short Film Festival, International Compt. 2018, Nederlands Film Festival, Student Competition 2017, Eindhovens Filmfestival 2017, Zinegoak International Film Festival, Begiradak Competition 2018, Silk Road Film Festival – Student Competition 2018, International Women’s Filmfestival Assen 2018, Roze Filmdagen 2018, Stockholm International Film Festival Junior 2018, Sehsüchte Film Festival 2018, Hamburg International Short Film Festival Junior 2018)