It's not about the legs

For BP, with Ogilvy & Mather, produced by Bonanza

What makes a top-level athlete?

For this film we decided that we didn’t want to tell a story so much as evoke a certain feeling. A top-level athlete is just that – a top-level athlete. A physical disability doesn't change that. With this in mind, the film shows a highly motivated, driven and passionate athlete. A top-level athlete who is representative of all top-level athletes and who wants only one thing: to be the best in her sport. And that means making it to the Olympics. In order to achieve that, she'll do anything it takes and make whatever sacrifices are needed. The athlete in question is Marlou van Rhijn. At the 2012 Olympics in London, she won silver in the 100-metre sprint and gold in the 200 metres. She currently holds the world record in both distances.

To emphasise that it's resilience, drive and passion that determine whether or not you get to be a top-level athlete, we decided to withhold the fact that Marlou has no legs until the very end of the film. Because really it doesn't matter that Marlou wears blades to be able to run: after all, it's beyond the physical; we're all born athletes.