A promise to the mayor of Amsterdam

For Eberhard van der Laan

A message from the citizens of Amsterdam

After the mayor of Amsterdam, Eberhard van der Laan, wrote an open letter concerning the diagnose of his lung cancer, the reactions and strength wishes were heartening. We decided to make a contribution with film.

Mr. van der Laan really dedicated himself to the city with a clear and decisive way of leading the city, that has fraternisation as a key focus. His human and realistic governing should be an example for many other politicians.

We wanted to avoid a cliché 'thank you' or ‘strength wishes’ video. And we didn't want to give a feeling of saying goodbye. So we aimed for a powerful support message from the citizens of Amsterdam, telling how all the hard work that Mr. Van der Laan dedicated himself to, makes impact and learns us valuable lessons. The goal was to say something that truly comes from within. Something you have to think about, before saying it. A simple ‘Thank You’ or ‘strength wish’, would be to easy and noncommittal. At the same time, the mayor is not someone who wants to be in the centre of attention. Most of all, he wants his promises for the city to succeed. 

Therefore, we asked unknown and well-known people from Amsterdam on their turn, to make a promise to Mr Van der Laan, and especially to his city. His Amsterdam.

This way the film not only became a portrait of citizens supporting and hopefully strengthening their mayor, at the same time it's an invitation to anyone else to make a promise.

Special thanks for Fem Verbeek who started the idea of making something for Mr. Van Der Laan. And Amp.Amsterdam for the beautiful music.