A musical loving employee takes over the corporate movie

For Info Support, with Wefilm Concepts

When an IT guy’s plan comes together.

After the viral success of Max the Hacker ten years ago, Wefilm and IT company Info Support once again joined forces for a surprising and unusual online film-project. Info Support wanted to bring an ode to the IT world in a smart, witty and surprising way. But once again, they also wanted it to be something completely different than anyone could expect. So we did something that’s seemingly incompatible. A musical story about the world of IT.

So meet Dirk: a fictitious employee at info Support with secret talents. Somehow he acquired the task of the new corporate movie. A perfect occasion to make it his passion project where he can really show his hidden talents and of course his knowledge of the IT world. Only problem is that his colleagues, including his boss, weren’t really aware of his plans. As Dirk sings, dances and uses his IT 'magic' to turn the office into his own personal stage, they're not quite sure how to react.

The result is a full-on musical, performed live on-set, but with an underlying layer of deadpan comedy provided by a group of IT guys and girls, the majority of which were not actors but actual employees of Info Support. 

Enjoy this ode to the magic of IT, made with love, sarcasm and a whole lot of awkwardness.